Fukaya Koumonka (Fukaya proctology Department)

Table of contents


           Generalcoverage of the ailments.

* Anal disease

           Types of ailments explainedsimply.

* Methods for preventing hemorrhoids

           What to do in order to avoid hemorrhoids.

* The features of our clinic

           Since our clinic specializes in diseases of the anus it is unique.

*Statistics for our clinic

Our clinic was opened in 1968.

* The examination method

           The posture for examination is sideways with both men and weman.

* Remedy

           There are various methods depending on the disease condition.

* About the laser surgical unit

           For operations in our clinic, a laser surgical unit is used for almost 100% of cases.

* Cautions after surgery

           What to do after undergoing an operation.

* Hospitalization costs

           Expenses are reasonable.

* Medical examination schedule.

           Please confirm before visiting from a distant place.

* Map

           How to get to the clinic.