Hemorrhoids are a common illness in human beings, and indeed are probably the reason why you are reading this site!  The ache of hemorrhoids is severe as only sufferers can confirm.  Why are there so many people who develop hemorrhoids?

Living things on this planet are "animal" or "plant". While the plant is nourishedby the sun and nutrients from the ground, we as animals need to eat in order to live. If you eat you have waste and as long as the animal is alive, the  mouth and the anus are used almost every day.  If the anus is not properly respected things can go rapidly wrong.  With the lower animals, the number of orifices for excretion is only one and therefore both feces and urine pass through this. With such acloacogenic area the rectum is limited.  However, the division of body systems which generated damage the anus and urethra in higher animal means that constipation and hardening of feces can be occur.  With strong straining at the time of defecation, the anus may become evened and this facilitates damage and development of hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids also exist in dogs and cats, although less frequently as compared with man.  Why this difference? It is the difference between walking on 2-pairs-of-shoes and on 4-feet.  Man stands and walks, so that the weight of the upper half of the body is concentrated on a pelvis, and there is a burden also on the anus. Hemorrhoids will arise if there is too much pressure and blood flow to the circumference of the anus is impaired. Especially, women are at risk during pregnancy.

If left, untreated, hemorrhoids may become very severe over time, although symptoms are clear in the anus.  Although medicine can affect cure of slight conditions, when it becomes severe, hospitalization and an operation may be required. Therefore, signs are slight, it is important to receive a medical specialist's opinion and carry out medical treatment.