Prevention of anal disease

Although there are those who ask the question " if I undergo an operation for hemorrhoids will this mean I wont have further problems any longer "the answer is regrettable "NO". In some cases recurrence, when hemorrhoids occur again at a different place, there being three sites which are particular susceptible.

Then, what should we do to avoid hemorrhoids?  A healthy person's anal sphincter muscle is well closed.  If feces are hard, with straining for expulsion, the anus may evert. If sits on the toilet for a long time and is straining, the reduced flow of the blood leads to vein swelling and this predisposes to hemorrhoids.  Moreover, when frequent defecation is therefore necessary this will also increase hemorrhoids.  Avoidance of constipation and diarrhea is clearly very important.@ For those who easily become constipated, consumption of fresh vegetables, fruit, and water is recommended.  It is effective if at least one glass of cold milk is drunk, especially before going to sleep.  Moreover, if water is drunk when one gets up in the morning, the intestines are stimulated and defecation may result. In addition, taking a bath and warming the anus every day improves blood circulation. Exercising moderately is also important for those who work while sitting down or who usual stand still for a long time.  Extremely hot food and excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided.